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Dance Class Tuition

​Based on a full dance year (Aug-May), not a monthly charge or per class fee. Can be split into 10 installments for your convenience. ​Full year payment reflects a 5% discount

Time/Week                  Full Yr Payment           Installment/Mo
30 min                                $617.50                          $65.00 
45 min                                $712.00                          $75.00 
60 min                                $760.00                          $80.00 
1 hr 15 min                        $855.00                          $90.00 
1 hr 30 min                        $902.50                          $95.00 
1 hr 45 min                        $997.50                        $105.00 
2 hr                                  $1,140.00                        $120.00 
2 hr 15 min                     $1,235.00                        $130.00 
2 hr 30 min                     $1,282.50                        $135.00 
2 hr 45 min                     $1,377.50                        $145.00 
3 hr                                  $1,472.50                        $155.00 
3 hr 15 min                     $1,567.50                        $165.00 
3 hr 30 min                     $1,615.00                        $170.00 
3 hr 45 min                     $1,757.50                        $185.00 
4 hr                                   $1,805.00                       $190.00 


                   Additional Hours (each)         +$45.00 

                   Monthly Company Class        +$13.00

Siblings receive a



on Classes!

Registration fee ($30 per family), and first month’s tuition are required to secure a place in a class. (August is calculated at half-month rate). Tuition is pro-rated for students who register mid-month at any point during the year.


Tuition (Aug-May)

There are three ways to pay tuition at Dance In Bloom. Tuition is based on a year-long dance year (10months--August through May). No discount is given during months in which the studio is closed for holidays or inclement weather. Student absences should be made up, consult the schedule for days and times.



Class tuition for the entire dance school-year (10 months--August through May) will be charged at the time of registration. This payment may be made via cash, check, or bank card.


Each Semester

Class tuition will be charged (to the bank card on file) upon registration (covering months August through December) and January 5 (covering months January through May). Payment must be received prior to posting date if you wish to pay via cash or check.



Class tuition will be charged (to the bank card on file) on the first of each month. Tuition is based on a year-long dance year (mid-August through May) and is divided into 9.5 installments for the convenience of the parents. Tuition remains the same each month regardless of the number of student absences or class meetings that month.


Summer Tuition

Please see our Summer Class Description for pricing of camps, 6-week class sessions, and workshops.


Class Withdrawal

If a student chooses to withdraw from classes (for ANY reason), written notice must be given prior to the first day of the following month, or student’s account will be charged for the next month. For instance, a student who chooses to drop a class in October, must provide notice by September 30. Upon withdrawal, all outstanding fees will be due immediately.



A Winter Showcase will be held in early-to-mid December. Participation fee is $48 and is due with October tuition. No tickets are required for this show. Written notice is required by October 1st if student will be unable to participate for any reason. Students will wear classroom attire for this performance.


A Spring Recital will be held at the end of the dance year. All students are expected to participate. However, if a student’s account does not have a zero balance, they will not be allowed to participate. One class meeting in the spring will be devoted to the taking of recital pictures. Written notice is required by November 1st if student will be unable to participate. A $145 recital fee provides the student with a recital costume, tights, recital t-shirt and 4 tickets to the recital. The recital fee for each additional class is $90 and includes costume & tights. A 50% recital deposit is due with November tuition and the balance is due with January tuition. Dance Company students may also be required to purchase additional shoes and/or personal accessories.


Inclement Weather Policy

In the case of inclement weather, messages pertaining to closing will be posted on our website, the studio’s phone message, and via our social media outlets, one hour prior to the start of that day’s classes. The schedule allows for one “bad weather day” during each semester. If the studio is forced to close for more than one day as a result of inclement weather, a make-up day for missed classes will be scheduled.


All deposits, tuition, and fees are non-refundable.

Returned (for ANY reason) checks/bank cards will be assessed a $25 fee for each occurrence.


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